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Leelanau Peninsula Poster

Publication Date/Status:

1999 - In Print ($7.95 srp, $11.95 shrink-wrapped)

Size (in Inches)

18 x 20

Coverage Area:

Leelanau Peninsula, the surrounding waters of Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay, the islands of North Manitou and South Manitou.


Thumbnail of Poster

A 4-color map depicting the entire Leelanau Peninsula and adjacent areas. Land features are shown in 10 meter relief topography and Lake Michigan in contours of depth. This map is designed as a handsome display piece focused on the interesting landscape elevations, so it includes only a basic road grid for orientation.

Primary Distributor:

Michigan Maps

List of Retail Outlets:

Leelanau Books, Leland
Grumpy's Market, Traverse City
Horizon Books, Traverse City
Michigan Maps, Elk Rapids

Leelanau Peninsula Poster

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