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Antrim Chain of Lakes Poster

Publication Date/Status:

2003 - In Print, 3rd Edition ($8.95 srp, $12.95 shrink-wrapped)

Size (in Inches)

18 x 24

Coverage Area:

Antrim Chain of Lakes, including Elk Lake, Skegemog Lake, Torch Lake, Clam Lake, Lake Bellaire, Intermediate Lake, Hanley Lake, Benway Lake, Wilson Lake, Ellsworth Lake, St. Clair Lake, Intermediate Lake, Scott Lake, Beals Lake and the Connecting Rivers.


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A 4-color map depicting the entire Antrim Lake Chain and watershed (parts of Antrim, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse and Kalkaska Counties). Land features are shown in 10 meter relief topography and lakes in contours of depth. Text boxes provide interesting statistics on each lake.

Primary Distributor:

Michigan Maps

List of Retail Outlets:

Adams Madams, Central Lake
Corner Druggist, Elk Rapids
Elk Rapids Hardware, Elk Rapids
Granary at Seven Gables, Elk Rapids
Horizon Books, Traverse City
Torch River Ace Hardware, Torch River
Torch River Party Store, Torch River

Antrim Chain of Lakes Poster

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